Reviews for Frank Oliver Oud touch eau de parfum spray for men, 3.4 Fl Ounce, woody and aromatic (5633)

People say Frank Oliver is really similar to Tom Ford.


NOT a Tom Ford Oud Wood clone.

I bought this wanting a Tom Ford Oud Wood clone. this IS NOT it. It's definately Oud however and if you like Strong Oud with Rose, this is your baby. it's very Middle Eastern in its scent and it goes ALONG way, so use sparingly. I've seen this is supposed to be similar to Dior Oud Ispahan, I don't know if it is, I've never smelled that. All that being said, the fragrance is fantastic if you want Oud and Rose cologne.


Oud without the Tom Ford price

My coworkers Love it. They say you smell like Tom Ford.


Amazing oud without the high price

I have Tom Ford oud wood and this fragrance is just as good. It has good projection and ssillage. The dry down is just amazing. I will buy a back up bottle šŸ˜‹.


Iā€™m a frag snob and this is great!

For a $20 price tag, I had low expectations. I thought all the reviews were from inexperienced or uncultured noses. I was wrong. The frag lasts all day and is a top tier that could compete with Tom Ford Oud wood fragrance. Highly recommend to get this if you like Oud!