Reviews for PhotoFocus Stick Foundation

People say Wet N Wild is really similar to Tom Ford.


What a creamy, light

What a creamy, light to medium coverage stick foundation! This formula reminds me greatly of the Tom Ford stick foundation formula for a small fraction of the price. I don't know the ingredients of both, so I cannot call it a legit "dupe," but they feel, blend and cover exactly the same!! I can't tell the difference. I recommend that if you have dry skin, spray your skin with a face mist, and add a little to your blending sponge prior to blending your foundation - It will provide the perfect blending agent to really help disperse the formula evenly, leaving behind a true skin-like finish. I am a big fan of this Wet n Wild Stick foundation and also own a few shades darker to contour and bronze my face in the spring and summer! I do add a bit of finishing powder to my t-zone area, but other than that, the foundation lasts all day on my skin without breaking up! I highly recommend!!


I got this is the ...

I got this is the "Shell" shade and it's my go-to daily foundation when I want something a bit more full coverage than a tinted moisturizer. It's easy to apply and blends nicely. I suggested using a blush over a beauty blender. Wear-time is pretty decent if you set it. Many beauty gurus have said this is a dupe for the Tom Ford stock foundation. Also, you just can't beat the price!