Reviews for Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear Men Pack Soft Cotton Open Fly Underwear

People say Natural Feelings is really similar to Tommy John.


“They’re like a bra for your balls”

My husband loves these underwear. I was tired of replacing those sad, saggy cotton underwear from the other brands: fruit of the loom and Hanes, they’re all the same. Sure they fit fine the first time you wear and wash but you don’t have more than a month before they might as well be an oversized pair of parachute boxers - nothing “brief” about them. Not to mention they all get holes in the more frequented scratch spots. These natural feelings boxer briefs have been a huge upgrade to my husband’s wardrobe. He likes them because they’re soft, maintain elasticity, don’t get holes (at least not in the first 8 months - which is how long he’s been wearing them), and hug his balls with just the right support. I like them because they’re a fraction of the cost of tommy John’s but keep my man lookin sexy. I don’t think I’ll ever buy men’s underwear anywhere else.