Reviews for L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Last 2 Step Lipstick, Never Ending Nutmeg, 1 fl. oz.

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Too Faced.


apply sparingly to avoid cracked lips look

I have used the 2 step Infallible lip for a few years. I think the quantity of base coat lasts a sufficient while for the price, but you have to use caution with the top coat - it is soft and can break off, and it WILL MELT if left in the car, or even if your handbag gets too warm outside. It is absolutely long lasting when applied properly - it can last all day AND overnight - 24 hours+ when applied properly. Of cure, smoking and drinking are the biggest ways to lose the infallability. I have never found another product that does this well, because I have the kind of skin that seems to absorb makeup like a sponge. My best look is: use a line filler and softener first/ I like Clinque's "All About Lips" lip sealer which works on the skin and the lips and a little goes a long way to help offset the seemingly outrageous price. I like Aquaphor too, which works on the lips alone. Let whichever product you use soak in and "dry" before applying Infallible color, even if it just regular face lotion that gets on your lips, because anything else applied must be soaked in completely for better Infallible longevity. Use the applicator which has a special-shaped sponge pad by holding it in different ways and using different pressures. Hold it sideways to press against the upper lip, one side at a time, from the cupid-bow tip downward. Use the tip of applicator to "draw" the cupid-bow center. Never fill in the corners of the top lip. Load more onto to applicator for the lower lip. With the... Read More


L'Oreal Needs Safety Seals

****L'Oreal needs to start putting safety seals on these lip colors. There is a seal on the gloss part but not the color side. I thought this may have been a fluke but NO. I went to the store yesterday to buy some more & none of them had safety seals (across the line in lip gloss....). That's a really bad practice. I had not noticed it before until a friend pointed it out. I guess I was just too wrapped up in finding a color & you know how finding a good lip color makes you happy ;) I love all of these glosses (8 Hour, 24 Hour, leGloss) but NONE have safety seals on the color! Come on L'Oreal - Help us be safe! I don't wear lipstick every day but when I do wear it, I don't want to reapply & I don't want it to make my lips feel goopy or dry. This new "lipstick" works very well. Yes, you know you are wearing lipstick but it is actually comfortable to wear as long as I reapply the gloss. You need to make sure your lips are clean & smooth before applying. I use a heaping teaspoon of sugar in my palm, add a bit of water to moisten & then gently scrub over my lips & rinse off to get them wonderfully smooth. The sugar rub also works well on face & body. It's a good/cheap exfoliator that does not ruin the environment with plastic beads. Apply the lip color with your lips apart & let the color dry before putting your lips together. Make sure you cover all the lip because you should not rub your lips together like you do with a traditional lipstick. Once it's dry, you can apply the ... Read More