Reviews for Samson Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair - 100% Undetectable Natural Formula - Completely Conceals Hair Loss in Seconds. Covers bald spots. Thicken your hair instantly - 25 Grams Refill (MED. BROWN)

People say Samson Hair Fibers is really similar to Toppik.


Five Stars

Great cheap alternative to toppix more expensive version. I love this product. I have a weird part in the back of my hair that seperates and shows my scalp through my dark hair and all I have to do is sprinkle a little of toppik on the area and it makes the part dark and blend in with the rest of my hair. I've also used this to help hide my clip in extensions! Just put it around the clip and it makes where you clipped the extension in blend in so well. My hair has been different shades from med-dark brown, almost black so I ordered the dark brown and it blends perfectly with every shade. Also, since I only use it on certain areas of my hair, it seems to last forever. One thing I would recommend is after you sprinkle it on the area you want coverage is to pat over it so any access falls away. Don't do it over anything white! The light dust of it will fall onto whatever you're doing it over so you may have a small mess to clean but it wipes away easily with a moist wipe or cloth. I usually do it in my bathroom and just have to wipe the counter after. Definitely a minor issue just as almost any makeup/beauty product you use can get a little messy sometimes. I recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair as it gives you a fuller look from your roots. I will be a lifelong customer of this product unless they come out with something permanent that does just as good of a job. Five stars easily!


Would reorder product

****update* -- I ordered a refill in 12/2016 & am ordering again 7/2019. This really lasts! Works just as well as Toppik but costs less!**** I ordered to refill my Toppik container. Read lots of reviews. So far, so good. I use the dark brown. I get the same great coverage for my thinning near my hairline. As with Toppik, I use some light hairspray to hold and it stays in for long periods and looks natural. I will reorder but it will be awhile because a little goes a long way.


Move Over Toppik......

Works just as well as the 'name brand' Toppik product - and I like the color match even better!! This is a true brown and doesn't have that greenish cast to it like the Toppik brand does. I won't buy anything else from now on.


Solid performance, can't beat it on value.

This product clings to the hair fibers much better than most others that sit on your scalp. Plus the value is pretty much as good as it gets for a keratin fiber. I use it in conjunction with Toppik, but it works fine by itself as well.


Just as good as Toppik without the itching.

Works just as well as Toppik without the itching. Just put in your own container, I used my own Toppik container and it worked fine. I think that it works equally as well as the Nanogen fibers too. Would purchase again.


Great alternative to Toppik! Less expensive, works just as well!!

I tired this as a less expensive alternative to Toppik, and was pleasantly surprised! It works just as well, if not better at a fraction of the cost! the only draw back is that it comes in an envelope, not a shaker like Toppik, but I just used my empty Toppik one and it works great!


Better value.

This product is just as good as the overpriced Toppik. Essentially brown baby powder that covers up your bald spots. Buy Samson, forget Toppik.


Great product!

Super cheap compared to what I was paying for Toppik. As long as you understand this is essentially makeup for your hair you won't be disappointed. You'll also need a way to apply the fiber powder. I use an old Toppik container to apply, then a bit of hairspray to make sure the fibers stay in place.


The product ships quickly and the color match is pretty close to the colors they claim

This is the second time I am ordering the Samson Original Hair Fiber Refill for Hair Loss Concealing. It is less expensive then the name brand cancealers such as Toppik or Caboki. It also does not turn green on your head when exposed to the sunlight. The product ships quickly and the color match is pretty close to the colors they claim. I would highly recommend this product!


Good but not as good as Toppik brand.

At first I thought this was toppik brand but it wasn't. The fibers visually looked a little different and the toppik ones look like the stood "erect" more where as these lay flatter. Still a nice cheap alternative but I think Toppik brand is better