Reviews for King Will Basic 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm Men Wedding Black/Silver Tungsten Ring Matte Finish Beveled Polished Edge Comfort Fit

People say King Will is really similar to Triton.


Great product great price .

Awesome product. Great quality. Ring box included is very nice. Ordered this as an alternative to my Triton Brand ring. Wanted 6mm width for comfort rather than the 8mm I bought from triton dealer for $230. Got this ' 'King will' one for under 20 dollars and the quality and feel is identical. It even came in a nice leather display box. If you're considering this versus and expensive tungsten ring at Jewelry store ... Save yourself the money and go for this. See my picture of two rings side by side. The thicker 8mm ring was the expensive one I bought local and the thinner 6mm is the King will brand. They are identical.


It’s a great fitting ring and quality

It’s a great fitting ring and quality. I bought this ring primarily as a ring that I would wear at work and it hasn't disappointed. I've hit it, scraped it, and beat it up quite a bit and it still hasn't scratched. I ordered a size 12 and it fits just as it should. It’s extremely inexpensive compared to the other rings that I owned. My first ring was $250 for the same material that you would get at any kind of jewelry store (it’s a triton). Super fast shipping. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments. Definitely a recommended buy for anyone.


Excellent Quality

I lost my Triton brand wedding band and ordered this one as a replacement. After I received this one, I found my other one. This replacement one is of excellent quality and is the same weight and almost identical to my $300 wedding band - for a fraction of the price! It came packaged in a nice box. I highly recommend giving them a shot. I'll be keeping this one as a backup.


Don't let the price fool you..great product.

I shopped first at the local mall and looked at Triton rings, the same ring was $239. I went on Amazon expecting $150ish and saw the King Will brand for $18 and thought no way but ordered it anyway knowing I could return it. This ring is fantastic! It is identical in almost every way and extremely well made. Could not be happier I waited.


Good quality at a great price

Awesome product. Ordered this as a replacement for my Triton Brand ring and at under 20 dollars with the good quality and feel, I now feel silly for dishing out around $200 for Triton. My Triton was size 11 but I bought this one at 10.5, and as expected it fits tighter and more secure on my finger. It is a little darker than the Triton but I don't mind it.