Reviews for Fabgirl Firm Body Firming & Contouring Cream

People say Bliss is really similar to Truly.


Bliss Stands Firm

I'm a 51 year old fitness professional of 25 years. Although I have no formal weight issues and I am fit, being a trainer causes our weight to fluctuate in slight numbers which can cause stretch marks. This product is a legacy mainstay to most female fitness professionals for a toned, glossy look when competing. REGULAR EXERCISE and consistent use of this product accurately produces a smoother, toner look. Stretch marks like cellulite are INCURABLE, so no product on the market claiming to eradicate either will do so. However, this is TRULY THE BEST most authentic product to ALTER the look of BOTH issues in women. Bonus: The scent and moisturizing components create a supple finish and drive men WILD. Well worth the price. Enjoy.