Reviews for Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation

People say Loreal Paris is really similar to Urban Decay.


Super Impressed

I've always worn matte, medium to full coverage foundations since I have oily/combo dry skin. Now that I'm approaching 40 my skin cannot handle matte products. Was using urban decays hydromania, which I love, and saw in a video this was a great dupe. As long as I prep my skin properly this product is perfect coverage and lasts as long as I need it too. Been using this with the new nyx contour and blush sticks, mascara and lipgloss and great for a quick 5 minutes before I'm out the door


Dupe for UD Stay Naked!

I pulled this foundation and the Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation to put in a travel makeup bag to take with me to work. I'd use this foundation one day and the UD the next, and they reminded me so much of each other. I wore one on each side of my face and I could not tell a difference at all! Even the shade I bought was an exact match. Loreal owns Urban Decay, so its not a stretch that they are the same. I'm 40 with normal to dry skin type for reference. I mixed these 2 foundations and the texture of the foundation was also an exact match! Dupe approved!


Fantastic foundation

I love this foundation. I compared it to my Urban Decay, Lancôme and Tarte foundations and it was equal, if not better. My only concern was the directions said to reapply every two hours? It's a foundation, no one would reapply foundation every two hours. I think that should be changed.