Reviews for Super Stay Full Coverage Powder Foundation

People say Maybelline New York is really similar to Urban Decay.


Happy with this affordable powder for day to day use

I purchased this powder from Maybelline November 2021 for the first time, and since then it has become one of my favorite powder foundations to use on a regular basis several times a week or more, in recent weeks particularly. I do have a few powder foundations I sometimes like to 'rotate' between since my skin is combination with some parts highly oil producing throughout the course of a day, and certain parts of my skin are on the sensitive side as well, sometimes even probe to dryness and peeling or flaking. I like the natural and nontoxic ingredients in this powder foundation product and have found that it can be relatively easily applied using the rounded sponge applicator included in the packaging and/or with a facial brush of beauty blender/sponge in order to get a nice and evenly blended application that will not look overall harsh or cakey and instead for me, enhanced the smoothness of my skin and actually also helped a little to mitigate the appearance and buildup of extra oiliness on my skin throughout the day, provided it was not an excessively humid day I was wearing the product on (in which case I might suggest also coupling it with a mattifying fixing and oil absorbtion makeup spray, like one that Urban Decay currently offers). I like the design of the compact itself which comes with a small mirror as well as a little bottom layer or compartment for the sponge applicator to be stored below the powder tray and mirror. Both the overall design and functionality as... Read More


Love it

Because I had COVID-19 I was in isolation and then quarantine, so I didn't wear makeup for 16+days. I'm examining my current robust stockpile of makeup and trying to burn through it before I order new items. I remember swiping this foundation on my skin, thinking "oh it's similar to the Estee Lauder or Wander Beauty powder foundations", and leaving it at that. The difference is, the Maybelline foundation is 1/3 the cost. I have hyperpigmented, somewhat oily yet sensitive skin. If I layer SPF moisturizer - concealer - powder foundation - moisturizing setting spray (like Tatcha, the green Urban Decay bottle, or even the NYX dewy formulation) FOLLOWED BY traditional longwear setting spray I stay oil free yet dewy looking all day. FULL coverage, long wearing, yet natural. It's a dream. I loooooove the ease of this foundation and encourage those with oily skin and/or those who can use a highly pigmented powder to use it.


The very best makeup

This is a 100% copy of Urban Decay powder foundation ! Both are owned by L’Oréal. I LOVE this foundation it is skin safe and beautiful coverage.


The best All in One

I bought this powder to try because someone on TikTok said it’s very similar to the urban decay powder I believe and I was skeptical to try it. I must say this powder is a 10/10. I usually wear foundation but now I don’t wear foundation. I just put some primer on and this powder !! My face be looking matte and I have super oily skin. I definitely recommend!!!! I love it and this is apart of my regimen !!