Reviews for BEPHOLAN 3 Pairs False Eyelashes, Eyelashes Natural Look, Faux Mink Lashes, Synthetic Fiber Material Strip Fake Eyelashes, Natural Look Lashes, Reusable,100% Handmade ,XMZ24

People say Bepholan is really similar to Velour Lashes.



I have been ordering lashes from Bepholan for 2 years. I like how lightweight they are. I don’t know why it prompts to review adhesion and east to remove, that depends on the glue you use. I use velour lash glue from Ulta and it is easy for application and can last for days if you don’t get your lashes wet. Pros: XMZ24 look like naturally longer lashes. When compared to the other styles. I use this style for my everyday use. They can be worn multiple times depending on your care for them. Wearing them over night or getting them wet will ruin them faster. On average a set will last me 2-3 weeks. These are really good lashes for the price and are more durable than other faux minky lashes I’ve tried. Cons: I don’t feel like these bend as easily. I fix that by cutting them into smaller strips when I apply them. Another con is my lashes arrive in slightly different packaging or quality. It is random since I “reorder” this exact product all the time.


one of the BEST!

First one in photo is how it originally is; second is after I trim them to fit my eye shape. I buy lashes from Sephora, Velour, LillyLashes, KoKo's, HouseofLashes, etc. These are in my top 3! The band is ACTUALLY lightweight & not thick which is super important for me, since the other ones always irritate my eyes. I reallyyyy recommend these :). On the dramatic/volume scale, it's around a 6-7/10. Overall quality is 10/10. Tip: Don't get glue on the lash strands or they won't last as long, but these should at least get 15 wears.