Reviews for Guess 1981 Los Angeles Eau De Toilette Cologne Spray for Men, 3.4 Fl. Oz.

People say Guess is really similar to Versace.


Great Smelling fragrance similar to Versace Eros

Great Smelling fragrance similar to Versace Eros, However, if you don't spray on a lot it won't last long at all, when I wear it, I have to refresh it so it can last through the day.


Eros inspired

This is a great versace eros inspired fragrance for a killer price. Longevity is average i would say though, but fair for a 20 dollar fragrance.


Lighter, powdery, Eros like fragrance

This has a similar smell of Versace Eros, but it is lighter, with a slightly powdery clean note. It is not a projection beast like Eros, and lasts about 6 to 8 hours with it having about a foot of projection after an hour or two. An excellent value pickup.


Nice Fall - Winter Cheapie

Versace Alternative.


Mature Versace Eros

Guess has some good smelling fragrances, an underrated brand and this one is no exception. It's nice how this one isn't in your face and offensive, it's got a good sillage but it's subtle. Longevity I hoped to be longer only 4 hours but for $20 a solid investment nonetheless I love it!


Almost a perfect Eros clone

I bought this after seeing all the reviews thinking that there is no way that this smells happy as good as Versace Eros; to my surprise it was nearly identical. If I had to rate for close it was, if give it a 9/10. Where this lacks is that it’s not at strong as Eros, but if Eros isn’t in your budget then I highly recommend this.