Reviews for Cashmere Mist Fragrance 3.4-oz. Spray

People say Donna Karan is really similar to Victorias Secret.


Great scent. Not too grown up, but not some teen spirit either

This is one of those things that is hard to review. Just because I LOVE this doesn't mean anyone else will. That being said... I LOVE this perfume. I had to stop buying Victoria's secret Angles whatever because the store is marketing to teenie boppers and I just can't abide going in there when teens are shopping amidst sexy lingerie- icky toes and STDs. Gross. Anyway, so I needed to grow up a bit. I was first turned on to this scent from one of those stupid center fold pages in a magazine. Glad I had happened across it! This is a bit more grown up without being frumpy or boring. It lingers all day with minimum fading. It blooms over the course of the day and changes as evening wanes. If you like VS Angle's ...whatever it was... than you might really like this too!