Reviews for Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer - Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout (Silver)

People say Vintorio is really similar to Vinturi.


Very elegant, sleek, modern appearance and wine tastes incredible with each pour!

A few months ago, I finally decided that I needed a better solution to aerating my wine and started looking at and reading reviews for different aerators. I decided on this premium aerating pourer and decanter Spout because of its excellent reviews and the fact that it provides an easy 1-step pouring of wine rather than having to juggle a bottle in one hand and pour through a small opening. I am thrilled with this aerator and will be replacing my old Vinturi with this aerator permanently. The premium aerating pourer and decanter Spout easy 1-step pouring of wine without any dripping or mess that could potentially stain my counter or clothing. It comes apart in 2 pieces for easy cleaning. The part of the aerator that gets inserted into the wine bottle is tapered and made of rubber that grips the inside of the container, which provides a perfect, snug fit into the bottle every time. The opening of the clear acrylic piece is wide enough to insert a bottle cleaner, allowing you to clean the aerator with ease.


It works like a real aerator

I needed a wine aerator to take to my weekly tennis/dinner matches. We always have very nice wines with dinner. Before my birthday, I bought a bottle top aerator, the Tenten Labs unit, and took it to tennis. I almost threw it across the room. Very slow pour and very poor aeration. I did a blind test of the Tenten and the Vintorio and was blown away by how much better the Vintorio tasted. I returned the Tenten Labs unit and bought your aerator to take to tennis. Kudos on designing a superb product.