Reviews for JOYO JA-03 "Super Lead" Sound Effect Mini Guitar Pocket Amplifier with Headphone

People say Joyo is really similar to Vox.


Great Product Great Price

like was said in other reviews this is a Vox look alike, I figured for no more than it cost to give it a try and wow was I surprised it works remarkable well it really was a surprise it works exceptionally well. you get the practice time without disturbing family or neighbors now it won't blow out windows or anything like that but it is not designed to great product would definitely buy again.


Can be used for bass, sort-of.

I believe this is a good value for the money. Basically, this is a Vox rip-off for way less money. It works. It isn't awesome, but it works. I actually purchased this for practicing a bass with headphones. This does work for this purpose, sort-of. This is intended for an electric guitar with distortion and it probably works great for that. There's no shortage of distortion gain. However, for a bass, unless you're playing death metal, you don't want distortion. Here's how I was able to get a usable tone (not great, but usable). Bass pickup volume should be about 1/2 way. Gain should be all the way off. Tone - middle-ish. I couldn't get a great tone no matter what. Volume - all the way up. Basically, you have to have as little input gain and as much output amplification as possible in order to get a somewhat clean sound. Even with this config, there is still a little bit of distortion but not too bad. It sounds like an old tube bass amp with some input gain. I wish Joyo would make a bass-specific model of this like Vox does but this unit will work if you just need to hear yourself for practice. I haven't tested the aux in and I can't attest to longevity although it seems pretty flimsy. If you're cheap like me, get this. If you want a better quality sound, get a Vox.


Four Stars

just like the vox but cheaper and without pivot plug


Good sound for a great price!

I was really surprised when I first used this Mini Amp because I did not know what to expect. The amp has a very good sound, could go higher on volume though. Nonetheless it has nice sound quality, perfect for practicing on the go, and the auxiliar input is a Great Plus! Having tried other mini amps before, such as the Vox Night Train and the Twin Reverb, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice on the go practice amp.


An even-more-affordable alternative to the Vox Amplug!

Joyo, for those unfamiliar, is a Chinese company (or perhaps "manufacturer", more accurately) that has gained some popularity in the past few years by "cloning" the circuitry of popular boutique guitar effects pedals, encasing them in a new form factor, and selling them at a price ($35 to $55) far more affordable than their boutique equivalents. The Joyo JA-03 series of Mini Headphone Amps appears to be a clone of the Vox Amplug series, which is quickly gaining popularity as a plug-in headphone amplifier with analog circuitry and surprisingly good tones. However, whereas the Vox Amplug costs either $40 or $50, these Joyo models can be had for as little as $10-$15, shipping included. While I was a fan of some of the Joyo pedals, I was understandably skeptical that the Joyo could match the quality of the Vox Amplug. Also, since the two Amplugs I own (AC30 and Satriani) do not match up one-to-one with the "Super Lead", it is not a true comparison. However, I can say that the Joyo JA-03 is a very useful device, and given the affordability of these headphone amps, there really is no reason for any guitarist not to own at least one of the Vox or Joyo plug amps. On the Joyo "Super Lead", you get three dials (Volume, Tone, Gain), but they are not numbered in anyway. This seems like a big deal, but actually it isn't, because the controls get bumped a lot anyway, and you can't see the settings on the bottom of the guitar as you play. Most of the time, you will be reaching down to the... Read More