Reviews for SKOY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth (4-Pack: Assorted, Colors May Vary, 4 Count

People say Skoy is really similar to Wettex.


My sponge of choice

In Australia, these sponges are cheap and plentiful (more commonly known as a Wettex.) These things are wonderful for the kitchen, as they absorb water easily and make cleaning and wiping up the sink a breeze. I was unable to find a similar product in the USA, which is surprising as I'd imagine they would sell really well, considering how absorbent they are. You can also wash these, and just as long as you let them dry naturally, they are good to go.



I've been looking for a Wettex like product and finally found one! The are extremely absorbent. Love the fact that you can wring it out almost dry to wipe down countertops without leaving a sopping, wet streaked mess behind. I can throw them in washer, hang to dry and reuse. When they get old I use them as all purpose cleaning tools everywhere!


As good as the Wettex brand

This kind of tablecloth is very popular in Europe where kitchen paper is much less used. They absord a lot of water, clean well, and so far been using those for over 3 months with no indication of breaking down. Recommended


An Excellent Wettex Alternative

Having spent many years living in Europe, I'm unwilling to use paper towels or "dish rags" for cleaning my kitchen. I've been paying top dollar to import Wettex cleaning cloths from Sweden but I'm happy to report that there is an American alternative. These Skoy "cloths", which are mostly cellulose, are super absorbent, easy to clean, and very rugged. The base material is made in Germany and they are cut and packaged in the U.S. and sold at competitive rates. If you, too, have been looking for a Wettex alternative, this is the product you are looking for!