Reviews for Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology, Fish Ruler, and Tie-Down Points

People say Igloo is really similar to Yeti.


Cool as ice!!

I love this cooler! I wanted the yeti at first, and then checked out other high valued coolers and eventually found this igloo one at a steal of a price. Ice lasted 5 days!!! Could go longer! Of course it melted somewhat but after drawing the water I was left with a good amount of ice leftover after 5 days! Super happy with this cooler, and I highly recommend it!!! Save some money and buy this cooler, you won’t regret it!!


4 straight days of ice, could have easily gone 6 days

4 straight days of ice in the cooler while camping. It could have gone at least another 2 days. Yes, this was regular use, we kept all our food and drinks in this cooler, opened the lid 25+ times a day. We used 2 froze 1 gallon gatorade bottles, no loose ice and both bottles had 40%+ of solid ice left. Camping at Great Sand Dunes in 85+ degree heat. this cooler is SOLID and sturdy, a definite upgrade from the standard coolers and it holds the cold as well as the highly over valued Yeti coolers, fyi, look on Youtube for the Yeti coolers getting cut in half along with a cheap Coleman = same exact insulation, the only difference is the inner walls of the Yeti run about 1/8 of an inch thick and the Coleman about 1/16th, that's it.


Better Than it Has To Be

I wanted a roll-molded cooler. Yeti or something similar... I blow money on lots of other stupid things, so why not a great cooler for my camping trips? I decided to try to save money this time around, and I came across some fantastic reviews for this. I have absolutely zero regrets. LOTS of space, holds ice for days, and most importantly, it has a drain (my old cooler didn't) and that has changed my life. Will it hold ice as long as a Yeti? I doubt it. Would I ever notice as a weekend-warrior camper? Very unlikely. I used minimal ice this past weekend, and it was still cold and lots of ice as I packed up camp yesterday after three and a half days. If you need *MOST* of what the other guys offer, but don't want to spend the coin, you won't be let down. It also looks pretty sweet.


No compaints whatsoever having made this purchase after much research

I am one of those people that thoroughly does research before making a purchase. I spent much time reading reviews, watching videos testing against other coolers making the same claims, etc. I was after a cooler that would keep my food and condiments ice cold for my 7 days of driving from Florida to Oregon and back each year. In the past years of traveling between my two homes, I would empty my refrigerator and give away its contents. On this last trip my fridge had so much food and condiments that I decided to buy a great cooler instead of giving it all away and having to repurchase everything again. I was ready to spend the money on a Yeti or a Polar Cap cooler from Cabela's. I ended up going with this Igloo BMX an have to say that I made the right choice. The price point was so much less than the other mentioned coolers and it did one heck of a job. I only opened it once in the evening to get my dinner food out and once in the morning to add a small amount of ice from the motels ice bucket. 80% of the original ice was still intact. The cooler is very sturdy, I love the looks of it and as I stated, I have no complaints about it.


Great cooler so far

I purchased the Igloo BMX Cooler to replace an Ozark Trail 25qt rotomolded cooler that I purchased from Wal-Mart before an impromptu camping trip. I was very disappointed with the OT cooler, it claimed to hold ice for 4.5 days but on day two of my trip over half the ice was melted. I had a family member coming out to visit and camp with me so I decided to order the 52qt version of the Igloo BMX. It was actually cheaper than the Wal-Mart cooler and twice the size. We filled the Igloo up on a Sunday afternoon packed pretty full with food, beer and water. We were planning on a 3-day trip. I saved as much ice as I could at home and we bought one more bag on the way out of town. Day 1 after over 24 hours I opened the drain and only a tiny bit of water came out. Already much better performance. On Tuesday we moved campsites and got gas and added another bag of ice since we bought more food to replenish. Day 3 on Wednesday a fair amount of water drained from the cooler but it still had plenty of ice and was plenty cold. I had put 8 frozen water bottles inside and they were all frozen still. I went to empty the cooler on Day 4, a full ~96 hours of use and there was still a lot of ice left in it. I have no doubt that you could make this last 5 days or even longer if you keep adding fresh ice every couple of days. If we didn't add the second bag, most of it would have probably melted by day 3/4. At the time of this review I purchased the red/black 52qt cooler for $77. I'm impressed ... Read More


Very Good Cooler, EXCELLENT Value

I paid $100... I see this Igloo is priced even lower now;0) A GREAT VALUE. We just did 10 days beach camping in NC. I wanted a cooler that "worked" (all my previous cheapies never did) BUT I also DID NOT want to spend the price of Yeti (and sim brands). After A LOT of market research I chose this Igloo. On blistering hot sunny days (zero shade), being accessed several x's/day, it kept 1/2 its ice solid and stayed super cold for a full 24hrs+. We'd replenish w/ a 20 lb bag of ice once per each day or 2 after collecting the super cold water for other usages (so, 1/2 the ice still there, entire cooler still SUPER COLD). We had meats inside, so I didn't want to risk it. If just beverages we could've easily let more time pass bw ice runs. Then, on shadier (but still quite warm) beach days the ice's lifetime was doubled. Some may say, "well, Yeti is better." Can say, our camping neighbors had several Yeti's and were replacing their ice quite frequently (it was blistering hot). They also seemed frugal minded, glued to the campsite as we took our saved $350's+, would drive to the bay, and enjoy FUN cocktails and yummy eats! This cooler IS ALSO veryyyy sturdy, built well, strong hinges-latches-handles, and has a helpful drain spout (with a securely closed cap). Also, very roomy. Any cooler larger than this would be quite difficult to manage (it's weight) once full of contents and ice.


Best cooler I ever owned!

Bought this to replace a Coleman 48-Quart Performance Cooler and didn't want to splurge on a Yeti or RTIC. I took both coolers (Coleman and Igloo) on a three day tent camping trip where the daytime high was 76° - 77° and overnight low was between 52° and 63°. The Igloo was packed with a 30-pack and the Coleman had a case of water and two six-packs of soda. In each case, all contents were initially at room temperature. Each cooler was filled with a 20 lb bag of ice. After a 1-1/2 hour drive, I stopped at a convenience store, drained off the melt water from each cooler and topped off with ice (roughly 10 lbs. per cooler). At no time during the trip was any additional ice added to either cooler. After three days (72 hrs) at camp, no ice remained in the Coleman cooler while the Igloo 52 qt. BMX still had at least 1/3 (about 7 lbs) of ice remaining. So thrilled with the performance, I'm now planning on buying the Igloo 72 qt. BMX! I highly recommend the Igloo BMX coolers if you truly don't require the week-long performance capabilities of Yeti or RTIC coolers. It should be noted that the lid of the Igloo BMX doesn't have a gasket in the lid, although it has a groove that appears to have been intended for a gasket. I found window weatherstrip at Lowe's (M-D 3/8 x 3/8 model no. 43846) and installed it in the groove with adhesive strip on the base of the groove and the sealing edge nearest the outer edge of the groove. It turns out that it sealed so well that at times, due to cond... Read More


Buy these Igloo Coolers you wont be disappointed

These things are amazing whatever size you get they all work great. Sure brands like Yeti and Pelican perform a little better but that is to be expected when you see the price difference. Its really not worth the money in my opinion just for another day of ice. Its not like it all the sudden gets hot inside you have 6 days in the heat it sill keep something from spoiling. Yeti and Pelican 7 days just not worth the extra money to me and you lose storage space and add a bunch of extra weight. These things almost feel like a normal ice chest when it comes to weight the other brands if you were not familiar with them you could pick one up and think it is already full. Buy the Igloo you wont be disappointed what do you have to loose if you dont like it you know Amazon will refund you every penny. I myself will buy these as long as they keep making them. I bought 3 total the 1st to try it out then I threw out my old coolers and bought 2 more, the 2 large ones and a medium size one. Funny thing is it cost me about the same if I got one large and one very small, like fits a 12 pack small, of either of the other 2 mentioned brands. Judges say "Overall: Yeti/Pelican=9.5 Igloo=9.0 Value: Yeti/Pelican=6.0 Igloo=10.0"


Stays Ice Cold under very Harsh Conditions!

I went to Bakersfield on Friday and stayed through Monday. We bought a 20# bag of ice on Friday, loading our food and water/soda's etc and went out to our camping site. We opened and closed it all weekend, and there were at least 15#'s of ice left on Monday when we went home. This ice chest is legit! To show the weather, we went end of June 2020 with temperatures of 100* on Friday, 107* of Saturday, 104* on Sunday, and 100* on Monday. We stayed in camp, with the cooler in a locked car to keep bears away. Inside the truck, it was around 120* on Saturday, but everything stayed absolutely freezing. We have a Yeti, and this Igloo BMX performed just as well, without the crazy cost. On Saturday night we made old fashioned ice cream and it stayed hard-packed until we got home. That says a LOT about the performance of this cooler. I love it and would buy more if we needed it.


Rugged beast double the size for half or less cost

Update: 5/12/2018 I have just noticed a flaw in the design of the handle that can easily be addressed. The only reason I noticed is that my handle steel bar was sliding out. It appears there are two plugs on either end holding the steel bar in. They were not secured properly during factory release and they did not hold tight. Even when you push them all the way into the groove they do not stick into the bar in such a way as to hold still forever. They almost need to be super glued or replaced with some sort of plug from home depot. Unfortunately I noticed too late and I now am missing a black plug as seen in my new pictures. I doubt this can be replaced from the manufacturer. I am reducing my review to 4 stars because now I have to go find something to fit it. I must stress that the handle is very strong, it is just a flaw that may allow your handle to fall off but you can fix it as it isn't broken plastic. **SEE PICS** I ordered the 52 for 89 dollars and I loaded it with 50 pounds of ice and drinks. Day 3 still has ice. I'd say maybe 4 days it can hold regular cubed ice from the convenience store. A block would last longer. This comes with a strap inside to stop opening too far and super sturdy metal handles. 52 is huge for one person I'd say with ice you could have 32 bottles in there or more. It has a drain. The thing looks super sweet and beefy at 1 third the cost of a yeti and half some off brands I considered. It closes well and I think it will last a lifetime for me. ... Read More