Reviews for Gya Labs Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (10ml) - Rosy & Floral Scent

People say Gya Labs is really similar to Young Living.


Love Love Love

Love love love this scent and this company. I use this to create essential oil crystal roller ball. This smells great in a diffuser too. Worth the money and better than the more expensive brand like “Young Living.” Will keep purchasing.


On par with Young Living

On par with the bigger brands (DoTerra, YL) but much better value for money at about 1/3 the cost. Diffuses well.


The real deal

I was buying my Frankincense oil from Puritan's Pride for years. They had the best quality at a very affordable price, but they recently stopped carrying it. I have been searching for a replacement and everything I tried smelled awful and burned my skin when I applied it. This stuff is just like what I was getting from Puritan. Smells the way it should and doesn't sting at all. I can apply it directly to my face with no issues. I love using Frankincense oil but can't see spending close to $100 a bottle from Young Living or Doterra. I'm glad I found this!



All my oils are Young Living except this vanilla! It adds such a relaxing scent to dryer balls used for bedding or towels……you’ll truly want to curl right up


Seems to have good healing properties

I have always used young living frankincense but so expensive so tried this brand. Have used only sparingly so far it seems good. Will continue to use for healing properties.