Reviews for JAVAPEN rainbow pastel Highlighter brush Chisel Tip Pens (Mild colors 12 pens set)

People say Jvpen Writing Instrument is really similar to Zebra Pen.


They Make Me Happy

When I started designing my own planners and using the bullet journal method, I asked online about pastel highlighter pens. Someone said to order Crayola Supertips, that they were basically the same and there are more colors. Well, I did. They aren't the same, and yes, I got more colors, and yes, they came in handy, but they didn't have the sheerness and pastel happiness that I was craving. I finally found the much hyped zebra mildliners at the store, and I tested one. I thought it was too dark for a highlighter, and too expensive. For what seemed like months, I kept telling myself, "NO MORE PENS, you have a giant box of Crayola supertips, that's all you need," but I you know, as a woman, I want what I want. I wanted these. Finally, I broke down. These were a great price. The colors looked pretty. They were the happy pastels I was looking for. I bought them. I AM SO GLAD I DID. Finally. I love using them. They make me happy.


A Very Good Dupe

I bought the 10 pack of mild as a cheap possible alternative to Zebra Mildliners and the colors are very similar. The Mild Pink is the same as the Zebra Mildliner Mild Pink. The Mild Red is the same as the Mildliner Mild Vermilion. And the last match of my very few mild liners is Mild Smoke Blue which is the same in both. I do not know if they will last longer, but they are a good alternative from what I can see. My only complaint is that the pen color doesn't match what is on paper.


Cheap alternative to some colors of Zebra Mild Liners

I used these for my bullet journal and pen paling. The colors are surprisingly similar to the Zebra mild liners, and at a more affordable price.


Good, inexpensive alternative to more popular mildliners

I go through highlighters a lot, and I love the Zebra mildliners, but I use them for both home and work and they are pretty spendy. I was hoping this would be a good alternative to save some dollars, and it seems to be! My only wish is that it came with a light gray instead of a dark gray color. The yellow and orange have a fluorescent/neon hue like most mildliners. I compared these to Zebra mildliners and cannot tell the difference in color, even side-by-side. The PowerLine highlighters do not have a fine tip like Zebra mildliners, but the chisel tip is actually very precise, and functions fine for thin lines. I was really impressed with the gold and wine colors, actually... I never thought about using these colors before because they seem too smoky. The plastic tab-close case is sturdy and easy to chuck into a book bag with nothing spilling. Now for what I didn't like - the chisel tip skips slightly when the paper is a heavier weight, and sometimes leaves a rough edge, though nothing too noticeable. The thickness of the chisel head is the same as Zebra mildliner, but the barrel of the pen itself is very thick, and makes it a little harder to hold for smaller hands. I do okay with it, but I like a thinner pen. All in all, a GREAT value for the money, and for those going to school, work, and keeping a home planner or two, very helpful for staying in budget! :)


Love them!!

Love them!! I couldn’t decide between the Zebra mildliners or these ones, but I’m so happy I picked this one there pretty and no bleed through in my journal and the price is great, and I love how there’s a grey in the pack, there was some smearing when I used the G2 pilot pens but very minimal. I would definitely but these again!