Reviews for Reusable food container silicone bag, Full Set 6, 2Cups, 2Dishes, 2Bags Zip Containers Storage, 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag, Stand Up Preservation Bag, Rounded interior for easy cleaning.

People say Xomoo is really similar to Zip Top.


Great Alternative to Disposable Plastic Bags

Great quality, thicker than other reusable bags. Reminds me of Zip Tops, but at a better price. Not a replacement for all containers, but great alternative to disposable sandwich bags. The instructions put it well, you wouldn’t use plastic bags to store liquids, same goes with these reusable ones. No complaints!


Zip top replacement

Great replacement for zip top bags. Love that they're dishwasher safe.


An affordable alternative to Stasher

I am sure that I am not the only one who views the price of Stasher bags as cost-prohibitive, and thought these would be a good alternative. I appreciate that the containers can stand up and hold themselves open; I am single, so I do not have a "kitchen assistant" to hold bags open while I pour in a sauce or soup. I like the blue, but wish they were available in more colors (green, peach, etc.). I didn't realize they had measuring marks on the sides until I unpacked them - that is very helpful. While they are not fully leakproof, the zip-top does stay closed even if it gets moved/squeezed, which makes them good for carrying to work. Plus, the smaller cup size would fit in a cup holder. I will definitely be buying another set, or maybe two, if they start offering more colors. =)


Yes! Same as Zip Top but a better price!

This is the 3rd set I’ve purchased for myself and for Christmas I gave a set to my mother and my mother-in-law! Truly the best product for the best price! I tell everyone I know about them lol!


Love these

I have tried other silicone bags with the plastic bar on top and hated them. These are so much easier to use. You just zip them close. They are also silicone. A lot of the less expensive brands are made out of vinyl, which seems scary. These are also significantly less expensive than the Stasher bags.


Easy to clean

I am really excited to use these as they are one of the few reusable standing zip top bags that are microwave and dishwasher safe! With a baby anything that's easy to clean is a bonus


XOMOO Silicon Containers

This product looks and works similar to the Zip Top brand. Reasonable price.


So easy to fill and clean!

I have used other silicone bags for years now, but they do not have the flat bottom, and therefore don't stand up. They also have a plastic zip at the top for closure. I love that these stand up and don't need that extra plastic part to close. I can't wait to use them!


These are the best

I love that it stands up in the refrigerator. I like how easy it is to open and close. Other products don't have a sizable lip above the zip top so that you can grab the lip effectively. So I like that there's room to grab the lip to open the bag. And I love that it's dishwasher safe and microwave safe


Affordable Alternative

Affordable alternative to Stasher & Zip Top brands. Not entirely leak proof but excellent snack/storage bags for dry goods.